File hosting on the hard drives of other users Part2

Wuala is intended primarily for the storage of files that are too large for many free hosting providers. The encryption and decomposition of the data into individual parts offered by Wuala is extremely safe, because unlike other web hosting solutions even the operator of the service can’t see what data the user has stored. In addition to the pure online backup, the users also have the opportunity to share their saved files with other users. There is also an overview of the most popular, approved for public access files within the software.

The service is currently in closed alpha phase. It must be seen whether and how the complicated system of P2P hosting works with increasing number of users and increasing amount of data, as it is accepted by the Internet community. It is also necessary to find a way the service to make money in order to survive. According to Dominik Grolimund, there are a few different financing models in mind, but no one is in a hurry by the moment. Before Wuala, he was founder and manager of another company that still runs well and helps with the financing of Wuala.

I have four invitations to the alpha version of Wuala. If you want to try out the service, please leave a comment..

File hosting on the hard drives of other users

In the past few days I more than once came across international blogs with articles about Wuala. Wuala is a new service for online storage and sharing of (mainly large) files. After I read an interview with Dominik Grolimund, one of the two founders of Wuala it was clear to me that Wuala is a different service and it is worth to use it for three main reasons:

1 The idea of Wuala is crazy (in a good way) and pretty smart.
2 The service comes from a German speaking country (Zurich), but is designed for international users
3 Wuala is self-financed and wants to stay that way.

Wuala is primarily a service for storing data on the Internet. Everyone who logs into Wuala gets a free gigabyte of storage on Wuala’s own servers. If the user exceeds this volume, then Wuala uses the peer-to- peer method. In other words it uses the disk space of other users.

This was said in an interview but for the ordinary users (like me) it is complicated and difficult to understand. If we have to simplify it, it can be described as the user works with drag & drop encrypted service to save online files on the Wuala software. The files are stored in small parts on the computers of other Wuala users and from now on are always available. Sounds wicked, right?

In an interview, Dominik Grolimund from Wuala described in details why this is possible and why there is no risk that parts of a file cannot be retrieved if another user is offline. The more private space frees a user on his hard drive, the more memory he receives from Wuala (on other computers). In order to ensure a fast and stable performance, a user can participate in this exchange system, only if he is online more than 17 percent of daily time (approximately four hours per day).

Also, some parts of each uploaded file are stored centrally at Wuala, which ensures one hundred percent availability, even when there are fewer users online. However, the operating costs for Wuala are low, as the majority of the traffic is handled by the users themselves.

GEMA against Rapidshare: BGH aggravated liability of file-hosting Copyright Infringement

A landmark decision in favour of PRO: The Bundesgerichtshof (BGH) limits Internet services, such as Rapidshare, for copyright issues (with a decision of 15.08.2013, Case No. I ZR 80/12). As of that day, the file hosting service Rapidshare works illegally to third parties users. This is why there will be a huge change in the offered services.

After the court decision a file hosting service is committed to a comprehensive and regular monitoring of the link collections that is part of its service. The Court followed the legal opinion of the plaintiff GEMA, the collecting society perceives as the exploitation rights of music creators. GEMA had witnessed about nearly 5,000 works over the file hosting sites that violate the copyrights of their members.

BGH: Rapidshare has to check link collections

In the lawsuit run since 2007 the file hosting site Rapidshare has now stood up as spoilers for the crimes committed on its Internet service copyright infringement by its users. Rapidshare is not only obliged to block infringing deals to concrete references of the rights holders but also Rapidshare must “check the link collections to see if they contain links to files with the corresponding musical works that are stored on the servers of the defendants” says the Supreme Court.

Specifically Rapidshare has to provide appropriate search queries on general search engines like Google, Facebook, or Twitter. This in order to check whether it is possible to find links to the content with reported works on its Internet service. Also, computer programs could be used for automatically searching over the Internet, the so called web crawlers.

Comparing 12 free alternatives to Megaupload

After the closing of Megaupload we still have plenty of free alternatives. Let’s compare twelve file hosting sites which offer correct service to their users.

With the closure of the file hosting site Megaupload and the arrest of the operator Kim “Dotcom” Schmitz, the FBI has triggered a chain reaction. Other file hosting services such as FileSonic shut down just days after the closure of their competitors for file sharing service.

Filesonic users are now allowed to download only files for themselves. The option to share content via a link with friends and family is no longer possible. But don’t worry. Not all file hosting sites are closed. For example RapidShare’s spokesman Daniel Raimer told us that the services of RapidShare are legal and the company is not worried.

We have compared a dozen full-fledged Megaupload alternatives for you. With these sites you can upload and share files via download link to others.

However, it is common that the sites limit the upload size of the files and none of the twelve sites stores your data forever. After a certain time – usually 30 days – the uploaded file is deleted automatically. Here the similarities between the site ends: on four of the twelve sites offering such services, you must register for using their service. On half of the file hosting services also have annoying download hurdles such as spelling or waiting.

Some file hosting sites have too much advertising and misleading buttons like 4shared and Wupload. The waiting time will be spared only to the paying premium user of the services.

Keyword “Premium”: Almost every file hosting site offers more comfortable and longer storage time for their paid users. However, in our comparison, we restrict ourselves just to functions offered to the free-users.

Cjoint – Using file hosting service at

This service is used to exchange files, while decontaminating your computers, for example.

Using the hosting service at

For reasons of confidentiality (analysis requested log contains private information that may become persistent if published in a thread on a forum), you must use a temporary accommodation of these papers service.
Decontamination of computers, scan logs of a computer can be very long.

For reasons of respect for the hosting forum that assists you must deport the content of newspapers elsewhere, in a temporary area where they will not survive.

Decontamination of computers, some reports are so long they do not take a single answer and you would have to split it into multiple responses. For reasons of readability thread, and facilitated the work of the analyst who assists you must deport the content of newspapers elsewhere, in an area where size does not limit ( or almost).

This service can be used to move files, some natures they are among users. A file will not survive after more than 60 days without being asked.



With this service you can publish and share your documents with ease. Create magazines, brochures, comics, etc. from a PDF file. Load your documents and turn them into digital publications. It’s free and unlimited. Share your publications with the world and publish them on your website or blog. Find your readings from millions of publications.

CIVIL Netizen

Civil Netizen allows you to safely send large documents to one or more people. You choose the files you want to share, then the app generates a small encrypted key in form of a series of characters, it is the latter which will serve as a signature ( for the software to recognize your package) and you need to send an email, irc, etc.. You will only have to paste the signature to start the download.


Digiposte offers 1 GB of free storage to archive important documents. Keep your schedules, insurance policies, family rooms… Easily find your digital and scanned documents whenever you want. Invite your contacts to view and download documents in shared spaces dedicated and fully secure. Log in to your Digiposte space from any computer at any time. Your documents will always be available !



ADrive is a newcomer on the market for online backup, but it really stands out from the others because it offers 50GB of free storage. ( Most of the other platforms offer from 1 to 5 GB free ). The maximum file size is 2GB host. The storage space is handy to find your documents depending on the location of your connection.


Badongo lets you to upload your photos, documents and videos to share with the rest of the planet. Hosted files can reach 1 GB and you can track the transfer. The interface is minimalist but offers the possibility to access a search engine as well as an explorer to view the documents sent by other users. So you can navigate through different sections (funny – amazing – musical) to enjoy hundreds of contributions.


1 Go to host and share different files, this is what you get in the box free offer. The service is distinguished by its beautiful interface and ergonomics, but also some pretty significant features, for example rss added to a folder, or the ability to access your files through your mobile. However, it is regrettable that in the free offer the file size is limited to 5 MB, and the numerous possibilities for integration are limited to blogs.

Self-host the Web service file sharing

The direct exchange of large files on the web, i.e. without installing external FTP client type and using only the HTTP protocol requires users to go through online services like Free Upload ( free but with a limit 1 GB per file ) YouSendIt ( limited to 10 GB extra charge ) or Dropbox and Google Drive (limit of 300 MB when you go through the web interface ).

So we will see how self-host, an equivalent service from free solutions, works. I deliberately excluded “cloud” type solutions as the list of software studied is the following:


By the way, thank you to my followers for all the right tracks.


This software actually seems more suited to my needs. Developed in PHP, it is based on the philosophy “Getting Real ” – do little but do it well. This is also reflected in the simplicity of implementation. Needless to have MySQL database or specific module.

Only a web server ( Apache or other ) with PHP support is required to operate Jyraphe.

File hosting sites gain popularity

With the technology development, more and more people prefer to keep their important files in at least two places in case something happens to their computer. The idea is the files to be easily accessible with an option to retrieve them back.

This is probably why file hosting sites are getting more and more popular lately, along with the sites for files sharing and cloud platforms through which the same files are available on several different platforms.

The good news is that on the Internet are available many sites that offer such service and it’s easier to find where to put your files, even for free. Such services are offered by a number of major websites specializing in File Host platforms such as Dropbox, Ubuntu One and others.

These services offer us security and space to keep our files on the Internet and make them available on many and different platforms. They also provide a significant amount of space, which is a huge plus, considering the growing popularity of the fast SSD drives which are still too expensive especially if you want to have a bigger size drive.

In this blog, we will try our best to provide you with regular information about such sites and all the offers they have.